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I am writing to recommend Cemetery helpful solutions (CHS). I have used CHS for a master plan for the Town of Shrewsbury's cemetery department.

I have found Tom Daly of CHS to be very professional and knowledgeable in the cemetery industry. He has helped us with several tasks and has always completed them in a though and timely manner. His knowledge of state and national regulations and guidelines regarding the cemetery industry has been very helpful to us.

I would not hesitate to use the services of CHS in the future. Please feel free to contact me directly if you need further information. I am happy to recommend the services of Tom Daly. I can be reached at 508-841-8503 or via email

Angela Snell
Director of Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery Departments
Town of Shrewsbury

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The CHS consulting group, led by Thomas P. Daly, CCE, CCCC, provided a master plan for our cemetery in the fall of 2008. The plan carefully evaluated the issues along with preserving our historic features. A thorough and clear recommendation for the future of the cemetery was outlined for the next decade.

The CHS plan was extensive and creative in addressing usable land for alternative burial options, keeping in mind the maintenance of the properties. We do not hesitate to recommend Thomas P. Daly for his planning abilities, cemetery design and his creativeness.

Charles Helly
General Manager
Flushing Cemetery Association

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The purpose of this letter is to give some special recognition to Tom Daly, for the work he accomplished in getting Massachusetts cemeteries exempted from the recently implemented MGL c. 82A Sect. 1 so-called trench safety regulations. (this was brifly covered in last, August, 2008 MCA Newsletter.)

I don't know how this onerous regulation is being implemented and enforced in eastern Massachusetts, but it has caused considerable turmoil in western Massachusetts: For example, published three times in local papers since 3/01 implementation date as causing major problems for towns to offer permits (at $50/ each); though to no enforcement or inspection; and with considerable cost for compliance(1,000 pound weight, ¾" thick steel plates to cover trenches or continuous posting of police on overtime duty), ect.. There is little question that this new regulation could have virtually shut down cemetery burials; and , ultimately delayed and greatly increased burial costs, if Massachusetts cemeteries had to comply, on the same basis as other open site digging.

Well Done!!!!!, Tom. You have saved Massachusetts cemeteries from some major grief (no pun intended) in trying to comply with this very restrictive law.

P J Hamer
Wilbraham Cemetery Commission

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