Thomas Daly

Thomas P. Daly, CCE
Cemetery Helpful Solutions
Founder and Project Manager

Thomas Daly has been involved in the cemetery profession for decades. He has served as CEO of cemeteries, with management responsibility for all financial and day-to day cemetery operations, and with oversight responsibility for its perpetual care trust funds. Tom utilized professional experience to plan, design and construct new cemeteries, community mausoleum and columbaria. He initiated new sales and marketing strategies to increase awareness and sales for one of Boston's premier cemeteries, including the first touch screen Kiosk for individual grave locations.

Tom has received his Certified Cemetery Executive designation from the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, his Certified Catholic Cemetery Executive from the Catholic Cemetery Conference and his Crematory Operator Certification from the Cremation Association of North America. He is a recipient of the Professional Achievement Award from the New England Cemetery Association. He has served as President to both the Massachusetts Cemetery Association and the New England Cemetery Association. He served on the Board of Directors of ICCFA.

He has extensive background in cemetery law, serving as chairperson of the Legislation and Consumer Affairs Committee for the Massachusetts Cemetery Association. He is a Board member and the Massachusetts representative for the Cemetery Consumer Service Council in Sterling, Virginia, and a board member of the ICCFA. He was appointed by the Massachusetts Legislative Joint Committee of Veteran and Federal Affairs to serve on a sub-committee for veteran benefits, terms and definitions. Tom serves as the Committee's Vice Chairman.

For the Catholic Cemetery Conference, he had served on the Committee on the Future, Law and Legislation Committee and as a consultant for its' Cemetery Evaluation Service.

Tom has a comprehensive background in cemetery layout & design, master plans, mausoleum & columbaria planning, cemetery grounds operation, cemetery forms & budgets and financial planning & cost analysis.

He has been a speaker and instructor at national and local conventions and seminars. Topics include: Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, Cemetery Budget, Perpetual Care Trust Funds, and Contract Procedures.

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